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The Power of Data


The importance of data should never be under-stated as it provides the basis for reporting the information required in all aspects of business operations. In the case of the Eco-Safe Digester, an on-site food waste disposal technology, it is applying its’ Big Data details to help businesses achieve numerous positive outcomes.

The digester connects to the BioHitech Cloud via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or any device with a data plan giving customers access to their waste data anytime, anywhere, to identify inefficiencies within their organizations. The ability to access consistent and reliable information about the day-to-day process of waste disposal and then make adjustments to that process or personnel will result in a gain in efficiency.

The BioHitech dashboard compiles this rich set of machine data for each customer so that they can understand their utilization patterns to help identify outliers, trends, and overall usage that can be applied to best practices going forward.

Other customers are using the data to save money and increase profit margins. The ability to track daily savings based on current waste disposal costs provides immediate savings as well as delivers the accurate ROI on the equipment.

There are then a handful of customers that use this data to frame a story for management to make decisions affecting purchasing and inventory control two additional contributors to waste generation.

And as regulations continue to be passed in the United States, the data is proof of a business’s compliance as well as an indicator of their environmental contributions. Less waste leads to less carbon emissions and a greener more sustainable environment.

Recently, the Eco-Safe Digester Solution has moved from a “back of the house” process to a “front of the house” message in that the data provided about internal sustainability efforts can be a valuable marketing tool.  Some customers are now streaming their accumulated data to their websites to promote their sustainable efforts and attract new customers and potential investors.

A Responsive Solution

As a solutions provider, the digester data is not only used to make our customers smarter and more in-control of their waste practices but is viewed as a valuable service tool. Information is collected by the digester’s BioBrain instantly and the back-end analytical tool is able to provide BioHitech analysts and technicians information about digestion rates, utility usage, hours of operation, and potential maintenance issues to use in assessing and sometimes adjusting the machine’s parameters specific to the customer’s needs.

Remotely controlling any unit from anywhere in the world at any time changes the service support from a reactive to a pro-active approach. Access to this type of data offers future glimpses of what to expect from the technology and effectively creates the environment for minimal interruption resultantly leading to better ROI’s and a more efficient and predictable process.

Data can be a powerful and useful advantage in managing waste more effectively.