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Composting Is No Longer The Only Solution


It is time to redefine the recycling process.  Composting is no longer the only solution for recovering food waste.  On-site digesters are finally part of the solution.  The three steps to a successful food waste solution…

 Step 1:  Reduce

 Step 2:  Donate

 Step 3:  Recover

Reduce:  Reducing your food waste starts with consistent, daily tracking.  BioHitech’s Cloud, a  food waste tracking platform, allows you to track waste in seconds, upload data to a reporting dashboard and uncover what’s driving your waste.

Donate:  Donating un-used or over produced food to an organization like Feeding America helps to feed America’s hungry through their nationwide network of member food banks while engaging our country in the fight to end hunger.

Recover:  Recovering food waste for the production of green energy and transporting that waste with the Eco-Safe Digester helps turn food waste into a resource.

Food waste is already 70% water.  The Eco-Safe Digester rapidly digests large volumes of food waste into a nutrient rich liquid suitable for discharge into municipal sewer systems which is then transported to a capable wastewater treatment plant where the content is recovered. The Eco-Safe Digester provides a sustainable means of transportation by utilizing the sewer infrastructure.  It is an ecologically-friendly solution for processing food waste at its source.

A capable wastewater treatment facility recovers the value of food waste by capturing methane, the biogas created while treating wastewater, and uses it to generate renewable energy to power the plant, itself. In addition to that the bio-solids that result from the treatment process can be converted and sold as fertilizer and soil conditioner, recycling food nutrients back to the soil.  And of course all treatment plants today recycle the waste water for landscape irrigation, replenishing ground waste basins or pipe it into the water supply.

Other recovery solutions such as composting and the creation of feedstock continue to exist however, the idea of trucking food waste, often times, to distant composting facilities is a challenge that needs to be overcome.  There are many options when dealing with the disposal of food waste.  Not one solution works for everyone in every area, more likely there is a combination of technologies all participating together to achieve a common goal.

 Recycled Food = Recovered Resources