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Groundbreaking Legislation Passed in NYC


On Thursday, December 19th New York City passed important legislation requiring large food waste generators to separate food waste ensuring waste does not go to landfill, effective July 2015.

Proposed Int. No. 1162-A would require restaurants, grocery stores, caterers and other food service establishments of a certain size or number within the City that generate significant food waste to source-separate organic waste beginning July 1, 2015 for composting, aerobic or anaerobic digestion or any other method approved by the DSNY commissioner.

“This legislation is a giant step forward in the city’s efforts to recycle organic waste,” says Mayor Bloomberg.  Bloomberg called the vote “a significant step towards our PlaNYC goal of diverting more waste from landfills.”

The city is looking to double its recycling rate to 30 percent by 2017. Two organics-related trade groups endorsed New York City’s move.

“With the passage of this initiative, (New York City) is taking a bold and decisive step toward establishing a sustainable environment for its citizens. This move will benefit generations to come,” said Lori Scozzafava, executive director of the Bethesda, Md.-based U.S. Composting Council.

An approved method for disposal includes use of the Eco-Safe Digester, an on-site aerobic digestion solution.  For the 20 or more NYC businesses already using the digester, they are clearly voluntarily ahead of the ban but for those that are thinking about their best course of action, the Eco-Safe Digester waits for your call.