Daily Archives: June 16, 2014

Revolutionize Your Waste Service

recycle food waste

From a business perspective, there is an enormous opportunity to save money with a proper organics management process.   Large volumes of food waste are disposed of each day, which is why when organics are managed and then analyzed great opportunities abound.

Governments are finally recognizing that in order to achieve success with their ambitious recycling goals those goals must include organics.

States like Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island, and cities like New York City are going about it the right way, by focusing more on the commercial end where the most tonnage is.

There will be challenges that will need to be overcome. The marketplace for the landfill-diverted waste is immature, recovery sites are not widespread and in some cases virtually non-existent. Government laws and regulations are inconsistent, and collection, processing and marketing aren’t as well thought out as they should be.

For those states and cities forging forward alternate disposal methods need to be sought out. The Eco-Safe Digester is a reliable and easy-to-operate aerobic digester that eliminates food waste on-site. It requires no third party to dispose of the food waste, requires no on-road transportation, and more importantly is the only diversion solution that delivers information about what is wasted in order to prevent it altogether.

While there is not one solution that will work for everyone, companies should be shopping around for an end-to-end solution that works best for them. In the meantime infrastructure development will likely start picking up speed because of the effects of the recent government policy decisions.