Daily Archives: November 13, 2013

Decrease Your Footprint


Food disposal is an extremely important eco-issue everywhere. Not only must we make less waste but also, in an energy-efficient way, reuse/recycle the waste we create.  According to the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), Americans throw away nearly half their food every year, waste worth roughly $165 billion annually.

All hospitals, supermarkets and dining halls should be looking for a way to decrease their waste footprints and should look to pilot an on-site digestion solution  to achieve that goal.

The Federal Government supports the digestion of organics because it protects public health, safety and natural resources. This method keeps organics out of landfills and turns a waste into a valuable product that is beneficial to businesses, residents, soil, air and water. When sent to landfills, organics are the leading cause of green house gas emissions from landfills and represent over 30% of the total solid waste stream in most states.

The environmental impact of food disposal is significant. BioHitech America values making a positive environmental impact and encourage others to do the same.