Lookout NYC Business Owners


Your trash bill is about to go up 15%.  You have the NYC Business Integrity Commission (BIC) to thank as they believe it’s time to increase the city’s waste rate cap and they are not stopping there.   They are also proposing to increase rates every other year starting in 2015.

The cost to own and operate a business in NYC is hard, costly and competitive and when operating costs go up they pass those costs on to the customer.  Profits have to outweigh expenses and any slight increase will translate to elevated prices for goods.

This increase represents a long-time goal of the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA), who believes that the current cap is unfair. Thomas Toscano, president of the NYC chapter of the NSWMA, commends the program, arguing that the increases will help to pay off the rise in fuel, equipment and labor costs.  According to Tuscano, he is looking forward to the day that the BIC will question the necessity of even having a cap.

New York City businesses are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Those that generate waste will have to incur the 15% increase this year and then look forward to more increases every two years going forward.  It might be time for businesses to rethink their waste strategy and consider shifting to a smarter strategy, one that eliminates the largest portion of their waste, food waste.

The hauler currently charges you for the weight of the waste.  If you were to install an Eco-Safe Digester to process food waste on-site, the volume and weight would be reduced quickly and you would not have to be at the mercy of the rate increases.

Is it worth throwing hundreds of dollars into the trash every week to haul away garbage? Since there will be no means of avoiding the spikes in hauling costs, there are ways to lower your garbage bill. Instead of complaining about the increase in price look to first minimize trash production and then eliminate it on-site. The Eco-Safe Digester exists; time to take waste matters into your own hands. 


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