Greener Campuses

Colleges across the United States are making a powerfully visible commitment to greener practices and in doing so they’re engaging millions of students in protecting the planet.

Driven by student demand and university commitments to sustainability, college sports and campus dining facilities are joining the professional sports leagues to send stronger environmental signals to society and the marketplace.

It’s a trend that has been evolving for years. Greening efforts at colleges nationwide are helping to expand students’ expectations about sustainability, advance campus-wide environmental goals, and enhance how business is done. This is also helping to popularize environmentalism and greener choices by spurring mainstream conversations about the future of our energy, food waste, and water usage amongst the young and impressionable.

Until now, there has not been a data-driven diversion technology meeting the dual goals of cost-effectiveness and environmental health and safety in the area of food waste.

At the University of San Diego, the installation of the Eco-Safe Digester has helped the university divert about 60% of their waste from the landfills, placing them in the top 10% for recycling against other universities in the country.  NJIT, located in Newark New Jersey has had the Eco-Safe Digester since January of 2011 and is diverting as much as 10,000 pounds of food waste each month from landfills.  Barnard College, located in NYC, is fully committed to environmental sustainability and is doing all they can to conserve energy, decrease consumption, and reduce their carbon footprint. Their Eat Green campaign continues to educate diners about the steps they are taking to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the elimination of food waste from our landfills. Back in 2007, the Dining Services installed the Eco-Safe Digester in the food service kitchen to process approximately 200 pounds of organic food waste every five hours.

Each year, more and more collegiate stadiums and student dining halls across the United States are joining professional leagues, teams, and venues to avoid millions of pounds of carbon emissions, save millions of gallons of water, and divert millions of pounds of food waste. Their efforts are making meaningful change and are educating millions of students and fans about protecting our planet for seasons to come. Colleges are just beginning to tap into the enormous potential to empower their students, benefit their bottom line, and engage their vast communities by prioritizing sustainability.

On campuses across the country, greening programs are gaining popularity. Today, sustainability isn’t merely an operating principle — it’s part of daily student life.


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