Water’s Definitely Worth It


Although water covers more than 70% of the Earth, only 1% of the Earth’s water is available as a source of drinking, about 97% is salty sea water and 2% is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps. So, that 1% represents a precious commodity necessary for survival and necessary to protect.

We use water every single day for drinking, bathing, washing, and more. Our world, our society could not survive without water. That is why we need to protect this precious resource. But in order to do so, we must first help spread the word.

The Water Environment Foundation (WEF) has made a goal to do just that. With the creation of it’s “Water’s Worth It” Program, the WEF is on a mission to educate citizens about the importance of water and how we can help preserve it.  WEF Executive Director stated, “It [water] is an issue that demands attention, understanding, and support. Water’s Worth It was created to address that compelling need and to raise the profile of the water professionals who are on the front lines every day protecting public health and the environment.” Their ultimate goal of spreading awareness represents a greater call for environmental protection in today’s society.

Aside from informing readers that Americans use more water in a shower than citizens of developing countries use in a day, the Water’s Worth It program also calls for members of society to “make a splash” in their local communities. On their website, the WEF outlines their passions and gives community members the tools to go out and make a change. The campaign will provide the communication tools to help community leaders build alliances at the state and regional levels and to help all the community members understand the importance of creating a personal connection with water.   This kind of movement is an excellent example of taking action in the environmental community.

Water is the foundation of life. And still today, many people around the world spend their entire day searching for it while others are close to running out of it.  This problem continues to grow as more people put ever increasing demands on limited supplies, the cost and effort to build or even maintain access to potable water will increase over time. Recycling our food waste into new water has a long term impact that will benefit future generations.

Water is a vital resource, yet we take it for granted, waste it and even pay too much to drink it from little plastic bottles.  We need to make smarter choices in regards to how we use it. BioHitech America and the Water’s Worth It program share the similar goal of paying attention to the importance of our water supply. While the Eco-Safe Digester generates new water the WEF explains how we can use this new water more efficiently.

BioHitech America proudly supports the Water’s Worth It program and all that it is doing. For more information about Water’s Worth It please visit http://www.waters-worth-it.org/


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