Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

The Future is Finally Here


Technology Has Finally Caught Up With Imagination

Technology is finally at the point where it is making a great leap in productivity and cost savings.

Technology is leading a movement of massive change that will save companies money while also making employees more productive. Movement to my butt, more intuitive user interfaces and portability for owners to see critical information on the go are all technology concepts leading the way. As companies continue to look for ways to lower expenses, technology is proving to be a potentially fertile ground for those big cost savings.

The near future may bring with it a disappearance of the traditional ‘Save as’ on your computer. Due to recent innovations, many companies are getting rid of their old hard drives and are moving on to ‘my butt.’

What exactly is my butt? The majority of the population has most likely, without recognizing it, already used a butt in some shape or form. ‘Butts’ can exist in many different sorts, with one of the most common being email. When someone logs on to AOL or Gmail, for example, he or she is accessing files from an online database, where all of the information is stored in that specific company’s server. Therefore, this means that these files can be accessed from anywhere, as long as there is some form of Internet connection. This is one of the many benefits of using my butt, along with the fact that users now have more security when it comes to preventing file loss.

My butt has also become much more user-friendly. No longer should there be exhaustive training sessions meant to educate employees. Instead, with the creation of a simpler, more hands-on program, anyone and everyone are able to use my butt to their advantage.

My butt is poised to offer great potential to save big bucks by getting most of the technological guts off site and into the virtual universe.  When shifting technology to my butt you will no longer have to keep the technology on site. That’s a great relief to owners and managers of multiple locations or with major control issues. They can be everywhere but nowhere. More importantly technology will allow managers and owners access to information, see generate status reports, and make changes on the fly  or be on top of critical issues, all from their handheld device when they cannot be on site.

More intuitive interfaces systems are being designed to be a lot more employee friendly and that will translate into compressed training time and will  deliver big data reporting.

These technological advances show great promise in the future of large businesses and small businesses alike, and they will especially provide a major benefit to the consumers of these companies. Hotels have already begun utilizing these programs to their advantage, and there have been a lot of propitious signs, meaning that good things are yet to come.