Connecticut to Try Again?


Connecticut lawmakers are considering a massive expansion of food waste composting.

Hold on a Second.  An expansion to an already tried and failed first attempt?  What is different now?

Connecticut believes if they send a clearer message to the universe about how serious they are about wanting to compost then this will produce a heightened level of interest from composting facilities looking to establish themselves in the state.

So for now, the new legislation would force large-scale food operations and supermarkets located within 20 miles of a composting facility to recycle all their food scraps by 2020.   I guess every little bit helps, but with only two food waste composting facilities operating in the state, what’s the point?  At 70 miles wide and 110 miles long, Connecticut would have to build a minimum of 30 compost facilities to make this worth the effort.

Under current law, food wholesalers, manufacturers, supermarkets and conference centers are only required to recycle organics if a process facility is located within 20 miles of their business.  The new legislation is aimed at further incentivize composting facilities to do business in Connecticut by setting the year 2020 as when all generators, regardless of volume, will need to divert all food waste from landfills.

The law is intended to welcome new facilities and to signal that the department and the state is serious about building an infrastructure to close the food scrap recycling gap and make sure that they’ve got that infrastructure in place by 2020.

Connecticut  believes that this revised law is a huge incentive for composting and waste-to-energy facilities to bring their business to Connecticut.

For more information the whole article can be read in its entirety here:


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