Joshua Tree Saved


Joshua Tree National Park located in Twentynine Palms California is only 142 miles west of Los Angeles and a great ride for a day trip to see desert, mountains and wilderness.  For the last 20 years, this beautiful national park has been in jeopardy of losing a battle to house a 4,000 acre mega-dump for garbage generated by residents of Los Angeles.

Thankfully 20 years of opposition has finally come to an end, thanks to the growth of innovative waste disposal technologies (like the Eco-Safe Digester) and increased recycling.

LA sanitation ends plans for dump near Joshua Tree

May 2013—A regional garbage collection agency has tossed out plans to build a mega-landfill for Los Angeles’ trash less than two miles from Joshua Tree National Park in the remote Southern California desert.

Increased recycling and new waste treatment technologies have reduced the need to open the 4,000-acre landfill on former mining land in Eagle Mountain.  At capacity, plans called for 20,000 tons of garbage to be shipped to the landfill by train each day—enough to fill 375 freight cars—for a period of 117 years. However, things have changed in LA County, there isn’t the crisis as far as landfill capacity as there was in 2000.

It had been opposed in court for more than 20 years by local farmers and environmentalists, who pointed out that the dump would be surrounded on three sides by the park, a national treasure known around the world for its bizarre, spindly-armed Joshua trees.

Opponents argued the landfill and associated train and truck traffic around the dump would wreak havoc on the delicate desert ecosystem and attract scavengers like ravens, which snack on the hatchlings of desert tortoises, a federally threatened species.

This is great news for Joshua Tree National Park.


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