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So Right So Smart


A visionary film that showcases leading companies and experts that are proving what is good for the planet can also be good for the bottom line.

Through its inspiring stories of change, the film shows how businesses and other organizations can profit by successfully integrating more sustainable practices.

Ray Anderson, Founder & former CEO, Interface, Inc, explains how he was so wrong for so long, but over the course of many years of researching and applying sustainable business practices learned it is a better way which yielded a bigger profit.

Watch the trailer here:

Earth Day


As Earth Day gets closer the spotlight leading up to that day and on that day will be on the environment engaging Americans in a conversation about all that needs to be done as well as their roles.

But the very existence of a single day makes it all too easy for companies to see the acts of diverting waste, shrinking environmental footprint, reducing pollution, and recovering resources, as an event rather than an ongoing commitment. A single day instead of a serious integration of sustainability.

If we want to see a shift in our culture,  if we want sustainability to become The Way We Do Things Around Here, it must be celebrated, promoted and leveraged every day.

Every day should be Earth Day.

Documentary: Jeremy Irons stars in TRASHED

Jeremy Irons on the set of movie Trashed

Documentary:  Jeremy Irons stars in TRASHED.

In this groundbreaking environmental documentary, Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons explores the world’s most environmentally polluted places to reveal the extent our rubbish is affecting us and our planet.

In this visually and emotional film which manages to be both horrific and beautiful, Jeremy takes us on a journey to explore the risks to the food chain and the environment through the pollution of our air, land and sea by household trash.

This is a wake-up call but a positive one. It ends on a message of hope- we can all do something and stop the problem.

Please visit the film’s website to learn more.

just the right thing to do


just the right thing to do 

Recycling is good business practice.  When we throw organics away, we are wasting a valuable easily accessible production material.  It’s woefully inefficient and, frankly, just bad business to treat food waste as trash.  Recycling creates jobs.  Recycling our waste creates more than twice as many jobs as when we dump it in the landfill.  Many of the jobs associated with an expanded organics infrastructure are sustainable, because these facilities must be built and operated locally.  Recycling produces clean domestic energy.  In the US only a handful of these facilities are currently in operation.

Diverting food waste from landfills provides a boost to recycling.  
Diversion is more achievable than you think.
Doing nothing is an AWFUL choice.