Choose Wisely


The Eco-Safe Digester Provides a Faster Throughput and Smaller Footprint than Similar Products. 

As alternative technologies continue to emerge as a solution to landfill diversion and composting it is important to do your research before choosing a solution.

BioHitech America provides a sustainable, long term, cost effective food waste disposal solution with substantial operational and environmental benefits.

The Eco-Safe Digester can reduce up to 2400 pounds of food waste every day and transform it into nutrient-rich grey water that can safely be disposed of to the sanitary sewer system which is then transported to the capable wastewater treatment plant where it is further digested.  There is no residual food waste to store or transport.  It is an ecologically-friendly solution for processing food waste at its source.

Customer references and diversity, volume of long-term paid installations as well as a worldwide customer service organization are key drivers to choosing the best solution.  Machine footprint will also be important as well as data storage capabilities, and product availability.  Choose wisely.


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