SAVINGS, Up-Front and Long-Term


An up-front savings to the environment and a long-term savings to your bottom line.  A change for 2013.

It  might be tough to switch  our thinking, but what if (considering it is the new year) we made purchase decisions based on long-term savings?  No coupons to redeem, no back-end rewards, no rebate programs to file for and no strings attached.  Sounds like a simpler purchase process and a wise investment that will be cost-effective over time.  Need an up-front savings?  The environment for one.  Diverting food waste to an on-site digester that transports food waste through the sewer system for disposal as opposed to the truck-bound landfills is a great savings.  Need another?  The message you send to your customers.  A long term investment reinforces the commitment you are making to your business, the environment, and to your customers.  It lets them know that you will be around, long-term, to see the savings.

The new year is the best time to make changes.


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