What is Digestion?


What is digestion?

Digestion of food waste occurs with the help of micro-organisms that rapidly decomposes all food waste into a nutrient rich liquid suitable for discharge into public waste water systems.  Digestion provides institutions with a method to dispose of a large portion of this waste stream in a way that benefits their bottom line and the environment. By digesting the food waste on-site, an institution avoids high per ton hauling costs to distant landfills or compost facilities for this dense, heavy material.

For some institutions that use a composting solution, digesting avoids storing food waste for long periods of time, lowers emissions resulting from hauling food waste to distant compost facilities and eliminates added handling and labor costs for institutions trying to compost on site.

Healthcare and Government facilities management and administration are often persuaded to implement a program based on the long-term cost savings associated with a digestion machine.  These cost savings include avoided waste disposal costs and reduced operational and janitorial costs. The Eco-Safe Digester is the ultimately the best long term solution for food waste disposal.

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