Is The Journey Worth the Ride?


I often wonder if the anaerobic digesters located at wastewater treatment facilities really use the food waste once it arrives.  The Eco-Safe Digester does a great job of digesting a complex mix of food waste on-site for supermarkets, hotels, etc, dumping the liquid grey water into the municipal sewer pipes eventually ending up at a waste water treatment facility.  But is the facility happy to have the grey water?

The answer is yes.  Sending digested food waste to anaerobic digesters located at a wastewater treatment facilities delivers multiple benefits:

–      Increased energy production reduces energy purchases

–      Increased efficiency creates a more effective treatment of the waste and sludge

–      Increased revenue from increased fertilizer production

–      Reduced organic materials directed to landfills delivers a whole list of environmental benefits which includes but are not limited to lowering emissions from less truck traffic, reducing groundwater and soil contamination at the landfills and reducing harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.

It sounds like the journey IS worth the ride.

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