—it’s a word that many see as synonymous with increased costs. But in fact, the very definition of sustainability is sustenance: supplying or being supplied with something essential that gives support and strength. Sustainability is about recognizing that resources are limited and choosing to use those resources in smarter more efficient ways while supporting ecological balance does not necessarily cost more.

When applying sustainability to proper food waste management, there is an opportunity to minimize the negative impact on the environment and achieve cost savings at the same time with the Eco-Safe Digester.

Case in point: Jim Abrahamson, CEO of Interstate Hotels & Resorts, says that the Hilton Concord Hotel is adopting sustainability without actually raising costs. The hotel’s food and beverage service uses the Eco-Safe Digester to convert food waste into liquid, reducing its contribution of food waste into landfills while saving money by reducing disposal frequency and costs.

Howard Halverson, Director of Environmental Services at Valley Hospital agrees. “The investment paid off.”  The hospital has diverted 100% of their organic waste from local landfills, lowered their operational costs, improved their building’s performance, and enhanced their environmental commitment.  “There is economic value in going green.”

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