Plan for the Ban


Plan for the Ban…Officials in Massachusetts and Connecticut are hard at work to keep food waste from going to landfills or other mixed municipal waste disposal facilities. The bans in all three states will prohibit hospitals, correctional facilities, schools, hotels, food establishments, and other high-volume food waste generating businesses from sending food waste for disposal at landfills. The bans are scheduled to go into effect the summer of 2014.

Why are they doing this? To increase the state’s recycling strategy, reduce GHG emissions by eliminating traditional solid waste disposal, increase energy production at waste water treatment plants, conserve capacity at existing disposal facilities, and to drive the development and generation of clean renewable energy facilities.

So, what is the best solution for food waste? The Eco-Safe Digester, because storing food waste will be a nuisance and hauling food waste will be costly.

Since food waste is already 70% water, it is natural to use the municipal sewer system to transport food waste. The Eco-Safe Digester moves food scraps out of trash trucks and landfills to waste water treatment plants, where’s it’s converted into clean water or renewable energy.

The summer of 2014 is less than two years away. Plan for the Ban with the Eco-Safe Digester.

Up to the minute information on Massachusetts’s progress can be found at


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