Bigger Savings


More efficient waste management means lower costs and bigger savings.

After your facility disposes of organic waste, it is likely that the waste is never thought of again.  Unfortunately, throwing waste “away” does not mean that it just vanishes.  There are financial impacts of waste disposal.

Facilities can divert waste from more expensive to less expensive means of disposal, as well as reducing surcharges, tip fees and hidden costs in waste management contracts after installing the Eco-Safe Digester.

Digesting food waste, with the Eco-Safe Digester, provides facilities with a method to dispose of a large portion of this waste stream in a way that benefits their bottom line.  By digesting, a facility avoids high per ton hauling costs and landfill disposal costs for this dense and heavy material.

Digesting food waste on-site with the Eco-Safe digester provides a real cost savings to your facility.

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