The Impact of Greenhouse Gases on the Environment


The Greenhouse Effect is a natural process that occurs when radiant heat from the earth is trapped by the earth’s atmosphere, maintaining the earth’s natural temperature. The gases that help capture the heat are called “greenhouse gases” and are a combination of water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane among others. Some are from natural sources, and some are human produced.

Over the past several years, it has been reported that there is a higher number of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere which have affected the average global temperature.

For humans, this change can be dangerous, especially for those who live by the shoreline or who reside in flood zones. Aside from the rising sea levels, changing participation patterns are also a concern. As we have seen over the past few years, more violent weather patterns have been created resulting in more frequent and powerful hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, etc.

Global Warming also has an effect on our food supply. Agricultural yields have been altered due to the changing climate, reduced summer stream flows, and increased diseases.

Everyone can play a part in lowering the emissions that pollute the earth, from individuals to big commercial businesses. The commercial industry can do a lot in order to help reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Business can take a lead role in reducing emissions that can help save money, improve productivity and protect the environment.

  • Education- is an effective tool businesses can use for getting all employees involved. Business reps can educate not only themselves but also their customers and suppliers on ways not only they themselves can get involved but also in the ways the company is getting involved to help reduce emissions.
  • Improving Energy Efficiency- will help reduce the amount of emissions a company will produce but will also help increase the company’s bottom line with the rising energy costs.
  • Lead by Example- many corporations are evaluated on many aspects of their performance including product quality, ethics and community standing. Becoming a community leader on important topics, such as Greenhouse gas emissions, this will improve visibility of that company, as well as set examples for all other companies in that industry to follow.

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